5 things that happen when you burn cloves in the house

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You must have often heard that there are benefits to burning bay leaves in the house, but today we are going to explain to you 5 things that happen when you burn cloves in the house.

The beliefs and rituals of ancient Indians have always been valuable to everyone. Now is the time to adopt the traditional beliefs of performing some activities that can transform the atmosphere of the home

The magical uses of cloves seem to have always included banishing evil, cleansing the head, protection, love, and money. It is said that if you burn cloves as incense, you attract wealth and prosperity, drive away hostile and negative forces, produce positive spiritual vibrations, and purify the area in which they are burned. It is also said that using cloves ensures that your magical intention will be carried out.

1- Chase away negative vibes
Just like bay leaves, cloves are excellent when it comes to chasing away negative vibes in the house.

Indeed, many African women have the habit of burning cloves with bay leaves to ward off negative energies from their home.

For what ? Quite simply because clove is a spice that is highly appreciated and its aroma gives off a strong and powerful smell. Cloves eliminate the negativity that arises in the house.

2- Attract luck and money
Many people use cloves to attract luck before undertaking a new project or work. So, if you want to attract good luck to fulfill your dreams and desires, try burning cloves.

Also, if you find that you are working very hard without getting the expected results, you need to start burning cloves in your workplace and in your home.

You will eventually get the fruits of your hard work, namely a lot of prosperity and money.

3- Purify your body and mind
The spicy and energetic smell of cloves can only lift our spirits and prevail over negativity. It also rises above everyday smells to remind us of our good intentions.

After burning the cloves, try throwing a handful into a pot of water and simmering slowly to fill your home with their magic. In fact, burning cloves purifies the air in the house and not only that, the bacteria are also destroyed.

Additionally, if clove smoke is inhaled, it can benefit immunity to some extent.

4- Attract love and keep your man in love
Do you know that you can also burn cloves to attract love? yes, if you are single, you might want to try this approach. Indeed, clove is very famous for its positive effects on love and harmony in a couple, but it can also help you find true love.

How ? quite simply, because it frees you from your negative thoughts and purifies your mind and therefore you are more apt to meet people. Also, its smell makes it attract love and men to you. This is the reason why many African women use it in their perfume to attract their man and keep him in love.

5- Maintain harmony in your relationship
Do you have problems in your relationship? Don’t panic, try burning a little cloves to clear up any misunderstandings. Clove is known for its many benefits for married couples as it is widely used to rekindle the flame in a relationship.

Now you know the benefits of burning cloves inside your home. However, you only need to burn 1 teaspoon of cloves. Don’t burn too much. Also don’t do this if you have a breathing problem. You can also burn camphor with cloves, both of which are beneficial at the same time.

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