The brilliant tip to unblock the toilet in 2 minutes without paying a plumber

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It’s not uncommon to have to deal with a clogged toilet, and the mere idea of ​​having to unclog it makes you uncomfortable. One of the reasons for such inconvenience is the presence of toilet paper or foreign bodies which have stuck to the various walls of the pipe. In all cases, a radical solution is necessary, and it is not necessarily the use of an object that you can think of that will be enough!

If unblocking toilets can sometimes be limited to a simple piston, several methods can be considered without resorting to a plumber. The one we are going to share with you will surprise you with its accessibility.

Toilet bowl

No more need for plungers or harmful chemicals to unclog your toilet. The solution can be summed up in two words: Trash bag. The trick is to cover the mop with a trash bag and make sure there are no holes in it. Next, insert the brush into the toilet bowl and move it up and down to simulate the movement of a plunger. Be sure to cover the floor with a few cloths to catch any splashes of water. Additionally, wearing gloves is also recommended for the same reason.

Garbage bags

As you can see, the method may seem a bit strange, but it can be really effective, unlike regular cupping. If you don’t have a tampon or mop, you can run your arm through the trash bag and then into the toilet bowl to clear the clog. In this case, as a precaution, do not hesitate to double or even triple the bags.

What other techniques to unclog toilets without a plunger?

Against traffic jams, especially the smallest ones, you can always use homemade products.

Use dishwashing liquid to quickly unclog your toilet:

Thanks to dishwashing liquid and its lubricants, residues come off more easily, allowing you to put an end to the blockage. To do this, pour half a glass of this product into the toilet, let it act for a few moments and flush the toilet.

Clean your toilet with hot water

Constipation seems more stubborn than expected? So use hot water. However, avoid boiling water, as it could damage the porcelain of the bowl. If you pour hot water down the toilet, the force of the jet will likely dissolve the stuff causing your toilet to clog.

Use baking soda to open the toilet

You can also turn to a natural solution by pouring a glass of baking soda which you leave to act for a few moments before flushing the toilet. You can follow the same process by then pouring two glasses of white vinegar and this time letting it act for one or two hours before flushing the toilet.

Some “manual” techniques for unclogging toilets
In addition to the methods mentioned above, you can also use so-called “manual” techniques to combat the most stubborn blockages.

Cleaning a toilet drain with a plastic bottle
Start by cutting off the bottom of the plastic bottle using large scissors or even a knife, without removing the cap. Make sure it is securely closed. Then move the bottle back and forth like a suction cup and you should gradually find that the drain blockage is cleared.

Cleaning a toilet with the hanger method
This method is one of the best for dealing with medium traffic jams. Simply loosen the hanger so it becomes straight, then insert its end into the bowl to reach the plug. Finally, move back and forth until your toilet is finally clear.

These solutions are practical and allow you to save unnecessary plumbing costs. However, if none of them seem to be working the way you want them to, call a professional.

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