An update on Kate Middleton’s health is provided as Prince William is compelled to make a sorrowful decision.

Kensington Palace have issued an update on Kate Middleton’s recovery, weeks after the Princess of Wales left hospital following an abdominal procedure.

According to reports, Middleton is “doing well” as she continues to rest up at home, having left hospital some 13 days after her surgery. At current the Royal Family have declined to go into details regarding what exactly Kate was suffering from that required surgical intervention, nor is it clear if they ever will.

On top of that, official updates as to Kate’s well being have come few and far between, paving the way for speculation that might otherwise have been avoided.

Among the claims that Kensington Palace were forced to refute was one from Spanish journalist Concha Calleja, who sensationally said the Princess had been placed in a coma following her surgery.

The Royal Family vehemently denied the rumor, and have since insisted that the Princess of Wales is making good progress. Even so, Kate is expected to be out of action where royal engagements are concerned until at least after Easter.

In a double announcement this morning, Kensington Palace confirmed that Prince William was pulling out of attending a memorial service for the late King Constantine of Greece due to a “personal matter.”

Perhaps aiming to snuff out rumors before they had a chance to develop, the Palace were quick to add that Kate Middleton is “doing well”.

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