The grandson adamantly opposes the family’s decision to place grandma in a nursing home and instead assumes the role of her full-time caregiver.

SOURCE:TIKTOK SCREENSHOT – FIRSTNAMECHRISHe understood that taking care of her would require his full attention, love, and patience, but he was more than ready for the task.Since 2014, he has been sharing photos of his grandma, and from 2019, he started vlogging their daily activities, showcasing their incredible bond to the world.Their vlogs are a window into their world, filled with tender moments.From preparing Lola’s bed with the utmost care to ensuring she stays hydrated and feels loved, Chris does it all.He doesn’t shy away from the more challenging aspects of caregiving, such as bath time preparations and changing nappies, sharing these moments with honesty and compassion.However, it’s not always easy.

Credit: knter

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