The parents faced a devastating decision, being compelled to remove life support from their 13-year-old daughter following a horrific incident during a sleepover.

Australia’s Ally Langdon couldn’t conceal her sorrow as she conversed with a mother and father who were compelled to make the agonizing decision of ending the life of their daughter, whom they had brought into the world just 13 years earlier.

The young girl tragically passed away after succumbing to a viral trend known as chroming. Langdon, herself a mother, struggled to restrain her tears during the discussion.

Appearing on A Current Affair alongside host Ally Langdon, Andrea and Paul Haynes recounted the heartbreaking story of how their 13-year-old daughter, Esra Haynes, lost her life after experimenting with a social media phenomenon called chroming, which involves inhaling toxic chemicals to achieve a high.

Described as “determined, fun, cheeky, and talented” by the Montrose Football Netball Club, where she served as co-captain, Esra was a young athlete who engaged in BMX racing with her siblings. She also led her team to victory at a national aerobics championship in Queensland.

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