The potential reason behind Kate Middleton’s absence from the public eye until “after Easter” is detailed in the comments below. 👇

In light of the recent news concerning the hospitalization of Her Royal Highness Kate Middleton, the Royal Family has issued an update regarding her expected resumption of duties.

As announced on their Instagram page, Middleton, who holds the title of Princess of Wales, was admitted to The London Clinic in Marylebone on January 16, 2024.

According to palace sources, Middleton underwent a successful abdominal surgery and now bears a noticeable scar on her abdomen. The senior royal member is expected to remain hospitalized for “ten to fourteen days” before transitioning to recovery at home, as outlined by palace officials. In line with medical advice, it’s anticipated that Middleton will refrain from public duties until after Easter, a decision made with her well-being as the top priority.

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