The reason why it’s crucial to put a spoon of sugar in your backyard before leaving the house is revealed.

While some may view bees as mere irritants, the reality is that these insects are facing a dire threat of extinction. Bees play a critical role in our ecosystem, providing pollination for 90 percent of the world’s food supply. If we were to remove them from the environment, we would be faced with a catastrophic situation.

Protecting the environment doesn’t require extreme measures; simple actions can make a significant difference. By working together, we can achieve more than any individual effort, and it’s our collective responsibility to safeguard the natural world for future generations.

Renowned zoologist and author Sir David Attenborough has long been a champion for animals, the environment, and nature. His message on Facebook underscores the urgent need to address the bee population decline.

Attenborough emphasizes that bees, despite their small size, have a monumental impact, pollinating a third of the food consumed by humans. He warns that in the last five years, the bee population has plummeted by a third.

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