Breaking News: John Cena permanently banned from the Academy Awards by the Oscars committee for allegedly crossing a line. (satire)

In a seismic shift in the entertainment sphere, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has taken the unprecedented step of permanently banning John Cena from the Academy Awards. The rationale behind this extraordinary move? According to a statement released by the Academy, “He crossed a line.”

This decision follows Cena’s bold performance at the 94th Academy Awards, where, in a nod to a notorious Oscars’ incident from 1974, he took the stage to present the award for Best Costume Design to the film “Poor Things” shirtless, initially teasing a full reenactment of the infamous streaking episode.

The 94th Oscars were already primed to be an evening of heightened emotions and cinematic celebration. However, Cena’s unexpected antics left the audience oscillating between astonishment and amusement. While his act was meant as a playful homage to Oscars’ history, the Academy has deemed it inappropriate, sparking a significant clash between Hollywood’s traditions and the evolving dynamics of celebrity spectacle.

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