Breaking news: CNN’s Don Lemon reportedly receives a ‘punch’ from Elon Musk. (satire)

In a world where billionaire visionaries soar into space and electric vehicles exchange winks on the road, Elon Musk has once again captured headlines. This time, however, the spotlight isn’t on his latest innovation or Twitter decree but on a bizarre incident during a CNN interview with Don Lemon.

The exchange began innocuously. Lemon, known for his probing questions, broached the topic of Musk’s Martian aspirations. Musk, projecting from his secretive underground lair via hologram, maintained his characteristic enigmatic demeanor.

“Mr. Musk, you’re plotting to colonize Mars, erect a futuristic city, and now you aim to punch asteroids? What’s next?” Lemon inquired.

Musk’s eyes gleamed as he responded, “Well, Don, it’s all about practice, you see. Punching asteroids is a precise art. Allow me to demonstrate.” In a flash, a virtual asteroid materialized beside Musk’s hologram, and he executed a flawless right hook, shattering the celestial object into shimmering shards.

However, chaos ensued. The virtual asteroid’s coordinates were miscalibrated, causing Musk’s punch to connect not with the simulated space rock but with Lemon’s visage on the live feed. Lemon, maintaining his professionalism, stumbled momentarily but regained composure, albeit with a slightly askew mustache. “Well, Mr. Musk, that was unexpected,” he chuckled. “I must say, that’s the most animated a guest has ever been on my show.”

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