“He’s A Creepy Old Man”: Denzel Washington Rejects Disney’s $100 Million Proposal to Collaborate with Robert De Niro. (satire)

In a stunning development that has reverberated throughout Hollywood, Denzel Washington has reportedly turned down a monumental $100 million offer from Disney to star alongside Robert De Niro in a blockbuster film. Washington’s reason? He bluntly described De Niro as a “creepy old man.”

The news, initially leaked by the notorious gossip blog “Hollywood Whispers,” has been corroborated by multiple sources close to Washington. According to reports, Disney approached Washington with what was touted as a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to team up with De Niro in a high-profile, big-budget project, speculated to be a dramatic thriller.

However, Washington’s refusal has left industry insiders and fans bewildered. During an interview with “Celebrity Scoop” magazine, he explained his decision, citing discomfort with De Niro’s reputation. “I respect the man’s work, but let’s just say I’ve heard things. Things that make me uncomfortable. He’s a creepy old man, and I don’t want to be associated with that.”

Washington’s bold statement has elicited varied reactions, from admiration for his principled stance to skepticism about the validity of his reasons. Meanwhile, De Niro’s camp has maintained a subdued response, expressing surprise and disappointment but opting not to engage in a public dispute.

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