Breaking news: LeBron James hilariously kicked off the US team with the message, “You’re woke” (satire).

In a jaw-dropping twist that has left basketball enthusiasts and pundits scratching their heads in bewildered amusement, LeBron James, often hailed as the ‘King’ of the basketball court, has purportedly been ousted from the US Team. The reason, as absurd as it may sound, has nothing to do with his athletic prowess or any undisclosed injury but rather something entirely different – he’s been labeled “too woke” for the team.

The saga began when LeBron, renowned for his outspoken nature and staunch advocacy on various social issues, opted to sport shoes bearing the slogan “Equality” during a game. This seemingly innocuous fashion choice proved to be the tipping point for team management. In a hastily arranged press conference, the US Team’s coach, sporting a bewildered expression that seemed to question the very fabric of reality, declared, “LeBron is undoubtedly an exceptional player, but we believe his wokeness could prove to be a distraction. We’re here to play basketball, not engage in social justice debates.”

The decision has ignited a nationwide discourse, ranging from the ludicrous to the downright comical. Supporters of LeBron have launched a campaign dubbed “Dunk the Hate,” encouraging fans to don outrageously woke slogans at basketball games. Conversely, critics have lauded the decision, with one particularly impassioned talk show host proclaiming, “Sports is no place for social commentary. Next thing you know, they’ll be discussing climate change during timeouts!”

Social media, the perpetual cauldron of public opinion, has gleefully seized upon this development. Memes portraying LeBron as a crusader for justice, combating villainy with basketballs emblazoned with various social causes, have spread like wildfire. One particularly popular meme depicts LeBron clad in superhero attire, christened ‘Captain Woke,’ battling a nefarious figure named ‘The Traditionalist’ on a basketball court floating in space.

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