Even after four decades, Jon Bon Jovi remains deeply in love with his wife. Curious to see what she looks like today? Check it out in the comments below.

Despite his fame, renowned singer, songwriter, and guitarist Jon Bon Jovi has managed to keep his family life relatively private.

Married to his high school sweetheart, Dorothea, for over 30 years, the couple shares four children: Jesse, 28, Romeo Jon, 19, Stephanie Rose, 30, and Jake, 21.

Their enduring relationship has flourished for more than four decades. Let’s delve into their heartwarming love story.

Jon and Dorothea, both now 61, exchanged vows on April 29, 1989, just as Jon was skyrocketing to fame with the number one album “New Jersey” and a chart-topping single. The proposal was spontaneous, with Jon suggesting elopement during their stay at the St. James Club, as he revealed to Men’s Health in 2010. Initially hesitant, Dorothea eventually agreed, and they tied the knot at the Graceland Wedding Chapel in Las Vegas.

Jon Bon Jovi and Dorothea pictured in 1985. Credit: Vinnie Zuffante / Getty.

While news of any marriage is usually met with excitement and happiness, this wasn’t necessarily the case when Jon and Dorothea got hitched. In fact, many of Jon’s fans were upset, because they couldn’t seem to fathom the idea that their idol was no longer a single man. Even Jon’s manager disapproved, considering it a career misstep. However, the newlyweds stood firm and stayed committed to each other.

“America wasn’t happy on that Monday when they found out about the wedding, and a lot of people tried to ruin a beautiful thing. They tried to cheat us out of that moment,” Jon told The Mirror in 2018.

Despite the initial resistance, Jon and Dorothea have stayed together and have built a close-knit family over the years. The rock star has previously said that the longevity of their union has simply been down to “mutual respect”, per People.

Jon & Dorothea – still madly in love

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